Director Message

Smt. Santosh Devi, Director, Santom Hospital Pvt.Ltd. is the founder and Director of Santom Hospital, Prashant Vihar, Delhi. She has more than 30 years of experience in Hospital Management and Administration.

Smt. Santosh Devi is Very passionate about her profession. Apart from that, she is working extremely hard to bring the latest & advanced technology in Santom Hospitals. We strive to bring-up the knowledge and skill of all the categories of staff within the institution to the international level, by blending the latest knowledge on medical science and information technology.

We welcome all stakeholders to become constructively involved in suggesting ideas, identifying opportunities for improvement and participating in the continuous improvement of the Santom Multispeciality Hospital.

We cannot achieve our mission, vision, values or our associated goals and objectives without help from all our partners. We encourage staff at all levels of the hospital, individuals served, families, friends and other interested parties to become engaged and involved in the provision of care.

Smt. Santosh Devi
Santom Hospital Pvt.Ltd