Nephrology & Dialysis

A leading centre for the management of all renal problems. The department is headed by leading nephrologist in Rohini, Pitampura. State-of-the-art facilities for renal pathology, with complete biochemical, immunological, microbiological, and histological (including immunofluorescence, and immuno-histo-chemistry) back up available under one roof. At Santom Hospital, Kidney specialist in Rohini, Pitampura, doctors offer the best treatment to the patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. Dialysis Unit: Latest generation, fully computerized bicarbonate hemodialysis machines with volumetric ultrafiltration and adjustable sodium facility, provides a better patient safety profile and ensures safety and adequacy of dialysis and also economizes dialysis for the patient. Ultra-modern equipment and services given by nephrologist at Santom Hospital make it one of the best dialysis centre in Rohini, Pitampura.

Facility for continuous monitoring of sick patients on dialysis through highly sophisticated monitors throughout the dialysis procedure is available. Heat-clean disinfection of hemodialysis machines after every shift is practiced for patient safety.